North American Hunting Club Approved!


This past Fall, over 275 Trail Cam Visors were sent out to NAHC members. The result: 88% loved the Trail Cam Visor!


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Have you found that with your Trail Camera that your pictures often come out blurry or distorted? Maybe you have tried to fix this or built your own proctection system for it, but still not having any luck and your pictures are still coming out distorted.


Trail Cam Visor® means clear lenses. Clear lenses mean quality photos. You and fellow deer hunters across North America have invested in a great trail camera but consistently find that Mother Nature interrupts that perfect photograph. You can’t control heavy down pours, dew, frost, snow, sleet, sun's glare, or even those pesky critters that play havoc with the camera lenses. Trail Cam Visor® comes to your rescue to help eliminate lens interference from these conditions.


This innovative visor is designed to channel water away from the camera's lens. Simply attach the Trail Cam Visor® to any tree, fence post or mounting plate above your favorite trail camera. It's that easy to protect your camera investment while capturing clear photos.


Trail Cam Visor® has a solid track record of delivering results for hunters. They have successfully tested their Trail Cam Visor® in many places from the American Midwest to South Africa. As they keep getting results they keep getting great testimonials like this.


"It provided me clearer pictures virtually 100% of the time. I am sold on this product; next season I plan to have one over every camera I own. Try it, you won’t be sorry!" Dan Gaston


"Try it! I'm sure you will find that it will improve your ability to capture the photo that will boost your gaming confidence. That confidence results in more time in the stand and your buck of a lifetime. It did for me!” Scott Leming


The Trail Cam Visor® has been approved by the North American Hunting Club. The Trail Cam Visor® is also IP insured to protect against copyright infringement. This product is also being sold on Ebay by a power seller that has over 7,100 positive feedbacks.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via our contact form. If you don't have any questions please go on ahead and purchase the product.

without with snow standing

WITHOUT Trail Cam Visor®

WITH Trail Cam Visor®


MADE Strong!

Photographs taken under similar weather conditions.


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